Tuesday 26 October 2010

Great Cajun/Creole in Sydney - South Restaurant

One of the things I was hopeful of finding while we were in Sydney was a Cajun/Creole restaurant, knowing that we don't have one at home and with fond memories of the Creole Cafe we found in Launceston (Tasmania) last year.  I was delighted to find South Restaurant online and swiftly made a booking!

I'd read a fair few reviews before we went (there is another Creole restaurant in Sydney (Crows Nest) however South seemed to have better reviews and a more southern focused menu), so knew to expect a fairly tiny space, and based on some of the reviews I was expecting the prices to be a little on the higher side.  Yes it was tiny (but still comfortable) and the prices were absolutely fine - and even better for the fact that we'd turned up on a Monday when all of their hot wings starter items are half price.

We both had the 'Wing-Tips' for entree - this is a tasting plate (ha! it's a very generous taste!) of their hot wings (omg smell the vinegar, taste the spice, to die for!) and BBQ rib tips, served with a blue cheese sauce and fresh, crunchy celery sticks.  We would both go back for this dish alone - absolutely deliicious, and even at full price of $AU16 is a cheap eat. Oh and I appreciate the little details - being provided with a bowl for bones and with refresher towels to clean your hands after you've finished licking all that scrummy goodness off them!

Next we both chose items that we've not had before - Simon going with the Crawfish Etouffe and myself the Shrimp Creole, both with rice.  While we both enjoyed these, Simon wasn't sure that the sauce with the Etouffe was entirely him (but he did completely clean his plate). There were plenty of other items on the menu that we would have love to have tried, but alas, we've managed to fill all of evening meals for the rest of the trip.

The couple sitting next to us heard we were going to look at the dessert menu and strongly recommended we try the Cherry Cobbler a la mode (with vanilla ice-cream) - and then they managed to order the very last cherry cobbler!! So that was sadly not to be.  But Simon had the pecan pie instead - which was fantastic - not too sweet and sticky, but absolutely delicious, and I had the lemon merinque pie which I had read in other reviews was to die for.  It surely was pretty darned good. 

We both left thorougly replete and knowing we'd talk about the meal for months (if not years) to come. The service was relaxed, friendly and welcoming (the hotel had actually stuffed up our booking so we didn't have a reservation after all, but they were incredibly good about this and even phoned their other restaurant to check that the reservation hadn't been made there - and of course they found space for us - phew!).

Thanks South Restaurant, we will be recommending you to anyone visiting (or moving to) Sydney (yes I&G we're looking at you!!!)

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