Monday 8 August 2011

Arrowtown and the Arrow River Trail

It was another non-skiing day today, so I headed out to historic gold mining town of Arrowtown. I arrived at Arrowtown around 11am and was surprised how quiet it was, which was still the same when I left around 2pm. It had been a couple of years since I had been in Arrowtown and it is still a lovely village that is beautifully maintained.


After a hot chocolate at Patagonia Chocolates (really good!) and a bite to eat at Cafe Mondo I headed out for a walk along one of the many trails in this area, the Arrow River trail.

This trail starts just over the river from the town (start at Butler Green and walk across the small bridge to get over the river and follow the signs to the right). The trail heads up and over the Arrow Irrigation pipeline, which it follows for a large chunk of the walk.

P1010918_017 It is a reasonably easy walk, although good shoes are recommended since it can be a little muddy and narrow at times.


There was even a little snow to the side of trail and several small waterfalls along the way.


It is a very scenic walk that looks down onto the Arrow River. After about 25mins you end up at the Norman Smith foot bridge.


At this point I then turned around and followed the trail back.


It is not a busy track, and in the 50mins (or so) of walking there and back I passed two other people walking their dogs.


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