Monday 15 August 2011

Maximus, the 10 foot snowman

Liam, Tammy, Logan & I made a mammoth 10 foot tall snowman earlier today in the backyard in Queenstown. The resulting effort is very impressive.


Construction started with Liam and Tammy getting the ball rolling.


About 40 mins later the snowman was starting to take shape. This involved creating two massive balls and then using some wood as a ramp to get the balls on top of one another, adding more snow to give it shape, creating some arms, and then creating and positioning the head.


After the head was better affixed, there was lots of shaping with a pruning saw.


Coal was then used for each of the eyes and a mouth carved.


The snowman was thirsty so we gave him a bottle of beer to hold.


It was then time to use another bottle of beer for the nose and give the snowman a hat (the lid from the rubbish bin).


After putting on a scarf, the snowman was complete, and he was given the title Maximus.


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