Friday 12 August 2011

Monty’s (Queenstown) & the Mud Crab

On Wednesday nights Monty’s has a seafood night and one of the items on the menu is Mud Crab. 03082011150The mud crabs came highly recommended from a friend, so I just had to check them out with him. On the night we were there the dish came with two crabs and they were beautifully cooked in a sweet spicy sauce that had a hint of chilli and accompanied by a very flavoursome smoked salmon salad. The crab was nice and tender and sweet although a bit fiddly to eat. It would have been good if the shells were pre-cracked, and this would have reduced our eat time of about 1hr 30min! A nice dish none-the-less.

The service was good, there was a good pub vibe and we’d happily return.

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