Monday 14 January 2013

Heading to Hiroshima, Peace Memorial at Night & Okonomiyaki

Hiroshima is a five hour train ride from Tokyo on the Shinkansen bullet train. We reserved our seats the previous day, so had a set time we needed to be at Tokyo station and to find the correct platform. There was a separate area we needed to go to as opposed to where the normal JR trains leave from, but the Information person was able to point us in the right direction.
Prior to boarding we purchased some sushi from the train station for breakfast. Unlike the typical sushi at home, each piece of this sushi was huge and made to be picked up.
Our typical travelling speed was about 250km/h (but it did go faster in places).
Mt Fuji made an appearance along the way.
P1030433_007We had to change trains at Shin-Osaka so used this opportunity to grab a bento box. There were a variety of different boxes and I chose one that I had no idea what half the stuff was in it. In turned out to mostly be a fish-based one.
The second train we were on also had power outlets for our seats which was great, so we put down a four plug and plug in multiple devices. The gentlemen in the seat across the isle from us seemed amused at our setup of power outlet, various devices, a bento box and a beer.
Our accommodation in Hiroshima is at the Hiroshima Hana Hostel. We have a private room in the hostel that has Japanese style beds and its own bathroom. The walls do however appear to be quite thin although it was quiet overnight expect for trains going by nearby.  A bonus is the place has a beer vending machine.
Wandering downtown from our accommodation we walked through a mammoth outdoor mall that just kept going,
and emerged close to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park so wandered across to it. It was however quite dark by this point so we will head back tomorrow in daylight. We did however get a lovely view of the Hiroshima Peace Memorial (aka Atomic bomb dome or A-bomb dome). It is quite amazing to think that the atomic bomb detonated almost directly above this location on 6 August 1945 and this was one of the few structures left standing in the area.
P1030488_027Hiroshima is known for Okonomiyaki which is a savoury Japanese-style pancake. Just watching it being made is quite spectacular and to taste they are superb. The construction is quite elaborate and was a team work effort by the various people making them that also waited tables.

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