Saturday 19 January 2013

Osaka tarts

After an awesome lunch in Kobe we headed over to Osaka for the evening. We started by heading to the Omeda Sky Building, just because it looked awesome.

Whilst we got to Omeda easily, the same cannot be said for our next destination. What should have been a 20 min trip took us about an hour because we got on the wrong train. Oh well, it was a good experience and we got to go to Universal City which had a very similar feel to being in Anaheim at the area in-between Disneyland and California Adventure. It was actually quite an awesome place and Chris popped into the Hard Rock Cafe and bought a shot glass (another Chris tradition).

It is worth noting how polite and orderly the Japanese culture is. When waiting for trains, for example, everybody stands in orderly lines - when the train arrives, people step to the side to allow people out and then the boarding starts. It works so well.

Once we eventually got to Namba station we then walked to the heart of the area, and arrived at Shinsaibashi-suji Shopping Street which was ridiculously long and packed throughout with people.


Check out the quantity of Neon Lights at Ebisu-bashi bridge, crazy!!!!


Then we spotted this HUGE line for something (at about 3 degrees Celsius outside). Naturally being the curious people that we were, we decided to join it. It ended up being a 50 meter line for about 20 minutes for a cheese tart. It was great to see the production process. It was great however we eventually concluded that was probably a family sized dessert since it was actually sweet; it ended up being our dinner. The presentation was also very stylish.






After our diner/family desert we wandered down Dotombori Street and numerous girls asking Chris something but none spoke English. None asked me. It was quite amusing.

On our way to the train we stopped at a stand up bar, had a couple of beers, and got chatting (with lots of sign language) with a local called Namicha (sp?). It was a lot of fun and we must try more stand up bars since they appear to be good social places.



P1030846_068We also had some weird beers that had frozen froth; it was slushy style.


Having missed the last bullet train back to Kyoto we took the normal commuter line that stopped at all stops. It took a lot longer but add a bonus the seats were nicely warmed and I got started writing this blog post on my phone.

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