Thursday 17 January 2013

Kyoto: Temples, Geisha, Police & Chicken Sashimi…

The train trip from Hiroshima to Kyoto took about two hours. Upon arrival at Kyoto we went for lunch at one of the many restaurants at the station and had a Ramen.


Once we got to our accommodation, Backpackers Hostel K’s House Kyoto, we got advice from one of the people on the front desk who spoke perfect english where to go. Our previous plans he thought were too ambitious so we revised and headed off and went to a temple that has 10,000 Buddahs, Sanjusangendo temple. This was a good exhibit of these large Buddahs, but photos were not allowed to be taken. There were however some lovely parts of the grounds.


We then wandered up a hill to another temple, Kiyomizudera temple. Along the way there were lots of gravestones and a good view over Kyoto.


P1030612_010The temple itself  was very picturesque.


Wandering around, we cleaned our hands


and then wandered further into the temple grounds.



For longevity we drank some water.


P1030636_029On our way out we had some cream puffs which had a nice green tea flavoured filling. We had previously had a really bad experience with green tea in Hiroshima that tasted like mud; this was much better,


Chris then got his obligatory photo with a police officer.


We then found a Geisha in the Gion district. The younger Maiko (apprentice Geisha) we came across wasn’t willing to have a photo taken.

P1030655_042For dinner we had Yakatori and several beers….



and Sake!


They also had Chicken Sashimi on the menu, but I couldn’t bring myself to try it.


We then entered a huge underground and walking in wrong direction for at least a km! Oops.

Once back at the hostel we met up with others staying there and talked and drank until 4:30am.

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