Friday 1 December 2006

Movember is over

For the month of Movember I grew a Mo. This was the first time I had grown my facial hair for longer than a few days, so it took a bit of getting used to (for me & Jane).

At the beginning of the month when I told Jane (via IM) that I was going to grow a Mo for Movember I can recall a reply of NOOOOOOOOOOOOO, but now that she has had to persevere with me having it for a month I don't think she has quite as strong an objection to it.

One of the more challenging things with growing the Mo was deciding how to shape it. I decided I didn't want a bland Mo, but one with a bit of character (and ugliness). In terms of what I ended up with I was reasonably happy with; it was a bit messy but I wanted to maximise my growth opportunities.

Having hair on my upper lip (in particular the hairs that were on the fringe of my month) is something I never got used to; they just kept getting in the way! Having said that, I didn't have too many problems with food getting stuck in my hairs.

There were also some warm days in November this year and having facial hair didn't help. I can't imagine going through a whole of sumner with that additional warmth (so I won't).

It was all for a good cause (the prostate cancer foundation) and I raised $100. A big thankyou goes out to those of you that supported me.

So, in terms of whether I would I do it again, Maybe.

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