Tuesday 5 December 2006

Mecca @ the Viaduct + Water

I had a meeting in the Viaduct area yesterday, and decided to pop into Mecca down in the Viaduct with a colleague for a quick bite for lunch. I decided to have Salt and Pepper Squid and my colleague had a Lasagna. We both enjoyed our meals, they arrived in a timely manner, the wait staff were courteous, and there was a good ambience about the place.

My squid was super tender and was a reasonable sized portion.

Apart from the slightly inflated prices (as expected in the Viaduct), we were a bit annoyed that when we asked for water we were presented with mineral water, which as we found out later was $7.50 . It is not the cost of it I care about, but more that when I ask for water I expect that by default it is (free) tap water and they can then upsell from there to mineral or sparkling water.

Other than that, a fine experience and I would defintely go back.

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