Friday 8 December 2006

Friday and all's well (and Zakar)

Just a quick post for now - we haven't lost interest and given up on our blog yet! We've just had nothing of note to post. Scrambled eggs on toast, bbq scotch fillet, curry, tomato sandwiches - it's been one of those weeks.

We're planning our part of Christmas dinner at the moment. We're responsible for one meat (yes, there will be multiple meats at our Christmas dinner) and starch in whatever form we choose. So Liz's splendid German potato salad it is - that way I can make it on Saturday and not need to take up any kitchen space on Christmas day, and we're thinking we'll get some bbq-able organic meat from Zakar (they don't have a website!!! (but they do deliver - Yay!)). Oooh, actually here's an article about them - Zakar Certified Organic Beef or you could head to the Clevedon Farmers Market - which is where we found and fell in love with them. Seriously - the BEST beef sausages we've ever eaten.

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