Sunday 12 June 2011

Janna and Ants –The Wedding

Our travel plans to this part of the world only began once we had friends getting married in St Agnes. We are grateful to have been able to share their special day with them and to meet up with lots of people we had heard about and renew existing friendships. We also wouldn’t have got to Cornwall, and are very happy that we have had the opportunity to do some exploring in the region; there is so much to do and we would happily return.


The wedding was held at the main church in the centre of town at St Agnes, where bell ringers rung the bells prior to and following the wedding for all to hear that something was happening.


I really liked having some live music at the wedding, with Christian playing the guitar and harmonica and singing. He was superb.

Buses took guests out to the wedding breakfast that was held at a lovely estate about 15 minutes away. The newly weds had made their own travel arrangements.

P1010601_023P1010602_024Starting with a Pimms & lemonade (or at least that’s what we think it was) with strawberries and mint was a nice and refreshing way to start the afternoon.


The weather held out and there were races outside and the speeches occurred out there also, which were all superb.


At the breakfast we got to meet relations and friends at the table we were seated at and enjoy a lovely meal; the green chicken curry in particular was beautifully tender and flavoursome.


The first dance, reminiscent of that famous scene from Dirty Dancing, was a spectacle to behold and it will inevitably be up on YouTube by now.


Congratulations again Janna and Ants (or should I say Jants) and all the best for the future! Thank you so much for allowing us to share your day with you.

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