Thursday 2 June 2011

Salvador Dali followed by the De Halve Maan brewery

Jane introduced me to Salvador Dali’s art today and said to me as we walked around the extensive exhibition in Brugge that I look confused. Me confused? Dali was obviously the confused one! Surprisingly we were told as we went in that we were allowed to take photos.

Here are a few photos of some of my favourite exhibits.


After Salvador Dali, we went off in search or lunch and walked a long way before eventually ending up for lunch at Caffé Da Noi where I had a waffle and beer and Jane had a meatball salad that was okay but kind of weird.


The De Halve Maan brewery is the only brewery within 30km of Brugge and has been in operation since 1856.There is a EUR 6 fee for a brewery tour, but this money is well spent, particularly when you get a free normal sized glass of beer at the end of the tour.

Andrew was the tour guide I had for the brewery tour and he was larger than life and gave a superb explanation of how the brewery operates and its history with lots of humour along the way.


The brewery tour does involve a lot of narrow steps up to the roof of the building where there are magnificent views.


The walk back down through the building however is so steep at times that people are encouraged to go down the steps backwards.


At the end of tour we got a complementary beer that went down well. I do like how beers in Belgium have their own glass.


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