Thursday 2 June 2011

Restaurant Review: El Greco, Brugge

Located slightly north west of the Markt on Sint-Jakobsstraat, we ate Greek for dinner last night at El Greco. There was a nice atmosphere in the restaurant with the buzz of many full tables, greek music playing in the background and a well decorated Greek themed interior.

We started off with a large and excellent taramasalata with bread.

I had the lamb souvlaki for my main and found that the lamb was very tough and whilst there was a lovely char-grilled flavour to the lamb the other flavours I am used to with souvlaki, in terms of lemon, garlic and thyme and/or oregano were lacking. My expectation is that this souvlaki was not marinated overnight.


Jane had the Pastitsio (macaroni, mashed meat and bechamelsauce in the oven) that she found was okay but nothing special.


We won’t be rushing back.

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