Sunday 5 June 2011

A wander around Brussels

We arrived in Brussels yesterday and were surprised how busy it was. Maybe it was because it was a Saturday or maybe this is normal, we don’t know. We were expecting Brugge to be the busier of the two but we were soooo mistaken.

I had a Herring Salad for lunch at a restaurant near our accommodation and Jane had a Croque Monsieur (i.e. toasted sandwich).


We then wandered through a beautiful mall (Galeries Royales St Hubert)


and then made our way over to the majestic Grand Place where there were so many lovely ornate buildings to take in.


The temperature was remarkably hot yesterday (compared to previous days) and would have in the 30’s. I left Jane to take in the buildings at Grand Place after she had played tour guide and went off for a wander

P1010241_015 and came across the ridiculously small Manneken-Pis that attracted a large crowd.


I took a few more pictures as I wandered.


Late afternoon we had a waffle to hold us over until dinner and it was super fresh and had a nice little chewiness.


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