Monday 23 May 2011

Cafe de Klos - Ribs in Amsterdam

This evening we decided that as our favourite meal so far in Amsterdam was the spare ribs starter we had at Rancho, we would seek another ribs meal. Simon asked Google where the best ribs in Amsterdam were to be had and after a touch of consideration for the location (the result was a 1.5km walk away) we headed to Cafe de Klos at 41-43 Kerkstraat.

It's a tiny little place with wooden floors and walls and a central bar, with a small open kitchen off to one side where we saw the grill, flaming the foil-wrapped baked potatoes and various meat dishes.

We sat at the bar, and after a little playful banter with the bar tender, and frankly being thoroughly insulted (he called me a pussy!), we both had an Amstel (don't worry, the banter was good-natured - and it continued for the rest of our visit).  I ordered the plain spare ribs and Simon the smoked ribs, however our server advised him that the smoked ribs were a dry american rub style rib - great if you like really bacony flavours.  Simon switched to also having the plain ribs.

They were served with a generous helping of salad, a basket of bread and refresher towels!  We also had one baked potato that we shared (one each would have been a meal in itself) - and thoroughly enjoyed the garlic butter it was served with.  Both of us got to our last section of rib and freely admitted we were full, but they were so good we didn't want to leave any behind.  Good thing we had to walk 1.5km home again! (The sauces in the pic below were a seafood style sauce (I have no idea why) and the ubiquitous mayonnaise - despite the absence of fries. Oh! And the plate was wooden!).

Note - that glass of beer at back right is a pint - the plate is actually much bigger than this photo makes it look.

We would absolutely return and would certainly recommend anyone visiting to stop in for a drink or a meal or both.  The servers were all incredibly friendly, leaving us feeling like we had just popped in to our local - there's nothing quite like being insulted to make you feel at ease. (In case you're wondering - the banter was prompted by me foolishly asking if they had Amstel Light.  I was laughed at and told 'we don't have light beer, we cycle', then 'light beer is for pussies'.  I did call him out on this pointing out he was insulting me - which he rapidly denied while emphatically nodding his head.  Hmm.  I enjoy a server I can play with and he was great value right to our departure.)

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