Monday 30 May 2011

Restaurant Review: Het Fonteintje, Brugge

For our first meal in Brugge we went to Het Fonteintje at Simon Steveinplein. Jane & I both had the EUR 19.95 three course meal.

The first course was a tomato soup that was nice and Jane did wonder if it had beef stock and potentially carrot in it.

For the main course I had the trout, which was is in a nice white wine sauce and with a jacket potato that had a lovely herbed butter. The trout was the size that would definitely have been undersize at Lake Taupo. The trout didn’t have a much flavour as I hoped and had a lot of small bones, but that is not a failing of how it was cooked, more-so that when I usually have trout it is a Rainbow Trout from Lake Taupo and has a lot of flavour and bigger bones.


Jane had the grilled pork fillet served with a beer sauce, that she enjoyed however thought it would have been better if the pork fillet had been cooked in the beer sauce.


For dessert we had a superb chocolate mouse.

The service was great and the wait staff all spoke impeccable english. They even advised me against ordering a raspberry beer with my dessert because it is more of a girly drink; I therefore had a Duvel instead (which was good).

The meal was good value for money and we would return.

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