Tuesday 24 May 2011

Washing, Lunch, a little bit of wandering, Beer and Pizza

Today was our last full day in Amsterdam and we started the day doing our washing. Several years ago when doing washing on Santorini we ended up with very red clothes, so we tend to approach travel washing with a little apprehension. We put our washing into a machine and left it under the watchful eye of the attendant there as we headed out for a walk and coffee (well that was our intention, but we ended up having fruit juices).

Returning ~30 mins later we rescued some of the merino wool clothing from the dryer the attendant had moved the clothes into and thankfully they all seem to still be an appropriate size.  We only lost one sock and the clothes were all the same colour that they started so we deemed this to be a successful washing adventure.

For lunch we went next door to our apartment to a busy cafe called Bâton. I had an apple pie that was lovely and Jane had a salad that she enjoyed.


I went out for a walk after lunch and ventured into the Magna Plaza shopping centre. They even had a grand piano in the Atrium of this beautiful building!


In Dam Square a couple of policeman on horseback ensured everything was under control.


We headed back to Van Zuylen again for an early evening drink. It is a nice and relaxing bar overlooking the Singel canal. The view from our seat was pretty good.


I like how when you order a beer in Amsterdam it usually comes in the proper glass, with brewery logos. It just seems like a more civilised was to drink. Beer however obviously takes priority in Amsterdam (in terms of good glasses at least), since around us everybody was drinking wine out of a water glass.


On our way to get pizza for dinner I came across an electric car charging station, and there was even a Tesla there being charged.


da Portare Via at Leliegracht 34 is a small pizza shop that does great pizza and is consequently quite busy.


Whilst waiting for our pizza we noticed that in addition to bikes being locked up that trees also get locked up too.


We ate our Napoletana and Con Salsiccia Picante pizzas on the bench out the front of the shop overlooking the Leliegracht canal; both pizzas were excellent.



  1. That food looks so delicious! I found you on Empire Avenue. So great to be able to read your blog

  2. Thanks Diane. We have had some great food in Amsterdam and looking and tasting various other delights as we travel through various other places in the lowland countries.