Wednesday 18 May 2011

An early morning wander around Amsterdam

I woke up around 5am this morning and my body clock didn’t know what time-zone I was in, and decided to go out for a walk around Amsterdam just before 6am. Not surprisingly the streets were very quiet and I barely saw anybody as I wandered.

It wasn’t very dark at 6am but there was still just enough darkness for the building lights to be prominent; the Magna Plaza Shopping Centre in particular looked lovely at this hour.

image001 image002

The usually bustling Dam Square was empty!image003

I also came across the Church of Scientology along one of the main roads and just had to take a photograph.image004

The canals were also looking great with barely a ripple.image005

It was however starting to rain and I wasn’t wearing a jacket so I started back to our accommodation. Along the way I was surprised just how far the red light district had sprawled, when I happened upon two window boxes containing woman of the oldest profession. With the foot traffic being so slow at this time of the morning, one of them opened up her sliding door and hollered after me for business. I quickened my walk.

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