Saturday 21 May 2011

El Rancho, Spui, Amsterdam

P1000588_rWe decided we wanted steak for dinner, and after wandering around lots of streets that we decided were far too touristy we eventually ended up at El Rancho in the Spui area of Amsterdam which is one of many Argentinian restaurants in the city.

The restaurant was busy but we didn’t have to wait for a table. Seated just inside the front door, the decor had a very rustic feel that whilst it does give the appearance of a dirty feel our utensils, crockery and table were all perfectly fine.

We started with the spare ribs to share and they were magnificent. There was sufficient meat on the ribs and the meat was very flavoursome, even before it had the hot sauce on it (that incidentally wasn’t that hot but did have a nice flavour).

I had a Rib Eye Steak for my main and Jane had a Sirloin. We shared a mushroom sauce for the steaks since my garlic sauce didn’t arrive and I failed at signalling a waiter for their attention, even though there was no shortage of them. I had asked for my steak to be rare, but it was definitely blue, and Jane’s medium rare steak was in fact rare; we are both however fine with steaks done these ways so it wasn’t a problem. The steaks were very flavoursome and the mushroom sauce worked well with them. We had accompanying tomato and cucumber salads that were very basic but fresh.

We would return and the ribs would be very high on our list to order again.

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