Friday 27 May 2011

The magnificent Liège station and some quirky photos of Luxembourg

We headed off today from Maastricht to Luxembourg via the train. Once we had bought our tickets (which couldn’t be bought by credit card from the machines at Maastricht, so we had to go to the ticket counter and pay cash), we grabbed a bite to eat on the train and some water. I also noticed these lovely stained glass windows at the entrance to the station in Maastricht.


We had to change trains in Liège(aka Luik) to get to Luxembourg and had a 40min stopover. Shortly before arriving in Liège, what we think was a group of about five security people (wearing red jumpers) walked through the train, not saying anything at all. The Liège train station is magnificent.


Since Liege is in Belgium, Jane suggested they may have chocolate for sale. They surely did, and I grabbed a couple of chocolates for our onwards journey after determining that French is the language spoken here. My French is very minimal but I got by, and was interested to note that none of the people I spoke to even attempted to converse with me in English. I also picked up a Rhubarb waffle and a nice looking tart. All of these were excellent.

The train trip was very picturesque with lots of greenery and some cute little towns along the way. Just over the Luxembourg border a couple of police wandered through the train (also not saying anything). The ease of which you can be in one country one minute and then be another country, without any passport control at all, still amazes me in Western Europe.

From a short wander around Luxembourg I came across a few quirky things; I’ll save the photos I have taken of city walls and the magnificent view of the valley until we wander around this area more extensively (probably tomorrow).


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