Saturday 28 May 2011

Wine Review: Auxerrois Kohll-Leuck 2009, Luxembourg

I had my first taste of Auxerrois Kohll-Leuck 2009 last night when out to dinner in Luxembourg. I am not familiar at all with this grape but it definitely tasted like a Riesling (potentially with a smidgen of oak) which is quite apt considering it is from the Moselle Luxembourgeoise appellation.

According to Wikipedia however I see that “Auxerrois Blanc or Auxerrois Blanc de Laquenexy is a white wine grape that is important in Alsace, and is also grown in Germany and Luxembourg. It is a full sibling of Chardonnay that is often blended with the similar Pinot Blanc.”. I would have not picked it for a Chardonnay variety.

This wine had light citrus to the nose that followed through to the palate. With a medium sweetness and medium length is was a very pleasurable drink that had enough complexity to keep me coming back for more.

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