Saturday 18 April 2020

Arriving in Zagreb

After 30+ hours of travelling from Auckland to Shanghai, Shanghai to Frankfurt and then onto Zagreb we were ready to begin our holiday.

The travel via Shanghai was an experience in itself and we were grateful for having a flight attendant accompany us to the transfer desk (which wasn't the easiest to find). From there the transfer desk held onto our boarding pass and told us to wait at a seated area near by. Once they had about a dozen people in transit we then had to go through a security and health screening even though we were only in transit. According to one of the other passengers that was also doing this, this is normal practice at Shanghai. We passed and were then let loose to continue towards our respective gates (which for us entailed finding the Star Alliance lounge, which itself proved to be  bit of a mission. We eventually found it upstairs and were then able to enjoy some food, sleep (in a bed) and a shower. 

We arrived at Zagreb late in the evening and stayed in the very central Hotel Dubrovnik which was a lovely hotel to begin our holiday. We couldn't have been any more central and were easily able to head out in the morning and get bottled water, SIM cards and meet for a city walking tour.

We were very lucky to be the only people on the walking tour and had a great guide (Andrija) to show us around and explain the history of Croatia and Zagreb and give his views of various decisions in the city, views on whether Croatia should adopt the Euro (apparently it's about 50:50 as to whether people are for or against it) and more.

We started the tour at the horse statue in Jelačić Square near our hotel where it seems lots and lots of tour groups congregate.

One of our highlights in most places we visited in Croatia were the amazing maps.

The old part of Zagreb is well set up for people to walk around.

After the city tour we had a slice of pizza for lunch (with the first of many anchovies for Jane on this trip) and then wandered around the southern part of the city in a lovely park area.

We then had a rental car arrive to us at the hotel and after filling in some paperwork and then going via the rental car company to get a new GPS since the previous one was playing up, we then entered an address in Ljubljana in Slovenia and headed off towards another country.

Next... Arriving in Slovenia

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