Saturday 18 April 2020

Postojna Caves, Lipica Stud Farm and a Wine Tasting

There are a variety of excellent caves in Slovenia and we decided to go to the most popular one, the Postojna Caves. When we arrived, we bought tickets and apparently had 50 minutes to wait until the next hourly tour, however found that they started to let people in about 10 minutes prior.

Once you are in you then get into a train. Despite how gimmicky this may sound, it actually does work well since the train actually does go at a decent pace and gets you to some excellent caverns deep in the caves.

Despite how busy these caves are, the train limits the number of people in the cave at any one time and the guide walks you through the caves with minimal overlap with groups in front or behind. The walking surface in the caves seemed quite slip-resistant and whilst there were some ups and downs it was accessible to a wide variety of fitness levels, albeit a couple of the hills took a bit longer for some. We both thoroughly enjoyed the caves although I took far too many photos.

Just down the road from the caves we went via Predjama Castle which is built into a cliff. We opted not to go in.

As if the caves weren't enough for one day, we went to the Lipica Stud Farm, which is the home of the Lippizaner horses. We arrived just in time for a tour with a guide that was speaking in English, German, Slovakian and Slovenian. Jane was in her element here.

Back in Ljubljana we headed down to the waterfront and came across Wine bar Šuklje that had a tasting selection of four Slovenian wines; they were all good.

Next... Wandering around Ljubljana

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