Saturday 18 April 2020

Korčula town

We drove to the island of Korčula with the help of a ferry. This included driving into Bosnia and Herzegovina for about 20 mins before crossing another border back into Croatia. 

The town of Korčula on the island of the same name has a lovely old city. 

Jane had anchovies yet again.

We had a crazy amount of thunder and lightning one evening. This is the view from our apartment overlooking the Korčula old town (during the day and in the storm, albeit the photo or videos I took don't convey the feeling of being there). 

Thankfully we finished dinner early before the rain started! Our dinner incidentally was Lamb Peka, which is akin to a lamb roast cooked with a lid on with some potatoes.

Next... Pupnatska Luka, Vela Luka, Vela Spila and Pupnat

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