Saturday 18 April 2020

Wandering around Ljubljana

Ljubljana is a great city albeit quite busy with tourists. Having spent a few days based here we decided to spend a day wandering around parts of the city we hadn't seen. 

We started by wandering around the river, into a church (which I only saw afterwards I was not supposed to takes photos) and across some of the bridges we hadn't yet ventured over.

The markets had a wide variety of produce.

Ljubljana also has some interesting (and macabre) art.

We then went across town to Tivoli Park, a very large park, where I walked to the highest point (which had no view, but some lovely tracks anyway).
To commiserate the lack of view we went to the Pivnica Union Brewery and had, according to the bartender, the most commonly purchased beer which was in my view a very basic lager. We ended up spending a couple of hours chilling out there before doing some more wandering through the park and then via some ruins back to our accommodation.

We later headed out for some magnificent gelato and sorbets, Jane had an Aperol Spritz and I went for another walk up to the castle and explored the Šance landmark which offered some lovely views of the city. 

In the morning we did a little more exploring of the city before changing countries again and heading to the Istria region of Croatia. 

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