Saturday 18 April 2020

Walking up Mount Srđ

I took a bus from Lapad to the Pile gate (12kn), bought some water and then walked up some steps near the walls of the old town to a nice lookout. Incidentally I was able to buy a bus ticket at the bus stop in Lapad from a ticket office there. 

I used Maps.Me as a guide and found the bottom of the track up Mount Srđ (412m). It took me about 35 mins to get up to the top from the start of the track including taking lots of photos on the way looking down on the old town. There weren't many people walking up but I did encounter a reasonable number walking done, albeit a lot less than those going up by the cable car. 

Once at the top I took lots more photos but my favourite pics of the old town were from on the track up.

The restaurant at the top was super busy and had a wait list for a table so I abandoned my thoughts of a drink and small bite to eat and went wandering further afield. It turns out there is a lot of great exploring to be done up there and areas most people wouldn't get to. Highlights included some fantastic views, a memorial of Croatian fighters and some ruins. 

I was planning to come down on another track (towards Gruž) but a cow blocked my way so I detoured and then my track ran out so I had to backtrack and go down the same way I went up.

The bus back to Lapad was super busy and crammed but it was an experience.

Next... Lapad

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