Saturday 18 April 2020


We drove from Dubrovnik to Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) taking a route with three border crossings; out of Croatia and along the 9km stretch of BiH, back into Croatia and then across the border again into BiH via Metković (this was apparently the best route for us; some crossings aren't open for tourists and with others the roads apparently aren't as good). We were delayed by less than 5 mins at each border crossing so it worked well for us. 

Stari Most (the Old Bridge) was opened in 1567, destroyed in 1993, rebuilt and reopened in 2004. It attracts a lot of tourists.

I had a mixed platter of food for lunch for the cost of about 10KM (~NZD$9) and a Bosnian coffee (I really should have poured it for the photo!). 

We were pleased to be able to get freshly pressed pomegranate juice in the streets. It was sooooo good.

Also pictured is Sniper Tower, an abandoned mansion (there are quite a few buildings like this around), and a Bruce Lee statue.

There is a significantly smaller version of the old bridge called Kriva Ćuprija (the Crooked Bridge). This was built prior to Stari Most in 1558 and is believed to have been the prototype before the more risky bigger version. This bridge (according to Lonely Planet, some other sites differ slightly) was destroyed by floods in 1999 and rebuilt in 2002. 

We ended the day with a fantastic meal at Hindan Han where I had the stuffed squid with cheese and tuna and Jane had sweetbreads. 

Next... Sarajevo

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